Colours in our environment affect us on a daily basis. Colours can act as unconscious triggers influencing how we think, feel and react to the world around us.

While we are engulfed by colour, most have lost touch with its meaning. Colour surrounds us; we see it, feel it and absorb it. Our minds, bodies and spirits are profoundly affected by it, being stimulated and energised by some colours, or calmed and relaxed by others. Mentally and emotionally, colour works on a deep level; changing our mood and our sense of well being, as well as others' perception of us. Spiritually too, colour is of immense significance.

Medical science has proven that different colours have definite effects upon our nervous system & that they act quite independently of our eyes or minds.

While a dogs sense of smell is said to be a 1000 times stronger than ours and a snake 10 000 times, the human eye can identify approximately 7 million colours, some combinations can create a clash of the senses while others create an atmosphere of harmony & balance.

Research has shown that the more dull & grey environments are, the higher the levels of depression as compared to those found in lighter & brighter environments.